Cement stabilization test

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BAS EN 932-2: 2011 Part 2: Methods for reducing laboratory samples

BAS EN 933-1:2012 Part 1: Determination of particle size distribution – Screening method

BAS EN 1097-3: 2007 Part 2: Determination of backfill density and porosity;

BAS EN 13286-2: 2011 Part 2: Test methods for determining the laboratory value of density and optimum water content Proctor compaction

BAS EN 196-3 + A1: 2009 Part 3: Determination of setting time and stability

BAS EN 196-6:2011 Method of testing cement – Part 6: Determination of fineness of grind

BAS EN 197-1:2013 Cement – Part 1: Composition, specifications and conformity criteria for cements for general use

BAS EN 12390-2:2010 Testing hardened concrete – Part 2: Preparation and storage of test specimens for testing the strength of hardened concrete

BAS EN 12390-3:2010 Testing hardened concrete – Part 3: Compressive strength of test specimens