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Asphalt testing

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Testing of concrete
and shotcrete

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Geomechanical testing

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Other testings

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Professional team

CELAB's team of experts consists of engineers with experience on large projects in the country and the world.

Technical equipment

Constant investment in state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring of new technologies.

Availability at locations

Available and mobile with testing equipment in laboratory and field (in-site) conditions.

Experience on large projects

Active participation in the field of assurance and quality in large infrastructure projects

Quality assurance
and control

CELAB d.o.o. is a company specializing in field and laboratory testing of building materials. As part of our business, we also provide quality assurance and control services on significant infrastructure projects in BiH and the region.

Locations where we provide our services:

Adnan Čehajić, B.Sc.C.E.



Armin Muflizović, B.Sc.C.E.

Head of technical service

Jasmina Čehajić, mr.ph.

Quality Manager

Osman Delić, B.Sc.Chemistry.

Head of the laboratory

Aida Silajdžija, B.Sc.C.E.

Deputy Head of Laboratory

Bečir Čišija, B.Sc.Tr.Eng.


Nedžad Ganić, const. techn.


Arnel Kovač, chem. techn.


Semir Puljić, traffic techn.


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